All We Need Is Love

Your donation will help thousands of musicians come together from across the world, to perform virtually in the largest and greatest music video ever to support children with cancer in hospitals throughout the U.S., and provide therapy animals to assist!

Please contribute as much as you can, and if you have one, please remember to enter your musician’s code.

 Thank you!

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Interested in playing with this amazing project? You can do so right now by emailing Yazminh Beyer at

Please provide:

  • Your name
  • Band name (if applicable)
  • Instrument you play
  • If you want to sing lead, backup vocal or none

You will be sent details shortly!

There is NO fee to participate, but you will be expected to raise money for Kindness Korp through your fans, supporters and musical community.

The ‘All We Need Is Love’ project is specifically seeking donations to help fund a national program to provide therapy animal visitation to children with cancer isolated in hospitals due to the Covid pandemic.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible… a receipt will be sent for your donation!

Meet our advisory board

Frank Monahan

Judy Engle Seely

Lisa Frick

Alexis Monahan

Lynn Koehler Yingling

Mandy Pauline

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Kindness Korp is a registered 501(C)3 grassroots organization helping adults and children with cancer everywhere in the U.S. that needs our Kindness. We hope to help through acts of kindness with programs exactly where needed. Our goal this year is to impact the personal lives of those going through these catastrophic medical challenges by giving them strength, fortitude, community, and even a bit of whimsy, when and where it is most needed. We hope to make a difference, not through research, but instead by empowering the souls of the afflicted thereby making them stronger for the medical fight they face and the long road ahead.

Mailing Address:
8001 Forbes Place, #211 - Springfield, VA 22151